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Don Taylor & Co. N.V. provides financial advisory, Introduction to sources of equity or debt financing, business development and other financial services start up, middle-market and emerging growth private companies. Capital Advisors services incorporate all facets of our academic and professional experience in delivering superior customer service combined with our network of personal contacts, our extensive database helps us uncover financial and strategic sponsors for deals that meet the needs of our clients. 

Building Strong Futures

 We will be consistent, accurate, and reliable in our advisory practices.
It is our duty to support and guide business owners who seek assistance for routine as well as complicated tasks. Our main goal is to minimize stress caused by financial and legal obligations.    

We will provide timely service to all our clients, catering to their unique needs and meeting their expectations. To accomplish this we will always seek self-improvement and work hard to acquire greater knowledge and insight in the Aruban community. And we always strive to have a positive influence on local businesses and the development of the Aruban economy as a whole.

About Me

I have been providing financial advisory, introductions to sources of equity or debt financing, business development and other financial services to start-up, middle-market and emerging growth private companies since 1997.
Additionally, I provide advanced accounting and finance courses to managers and supervisors that want to gain knowledge and increase productivity. 

Our Services

Business Planning and Business Brokerage


We help businesses become more  profitable or help turn them around by placing heavy emphasis on marketing  methods,  planning and preparation to exit or sell the company. We also offer  mergers, consulting and valuation services.

Business Valuation

  Not sure what your business is worth? We can determine  that and tell you which steps to take to continuously increase the value in the  future.

Corporate Finance for SME’s

  Our specialty in this area includes but not limited  to: business development, operations, and finance and administration

Financial Training

We offer 6 courses that are beneficial to staff working in any  department/sector who have to make decisions that impact the finances of  the company. 

Financial Counseling

 We can educate and advise you when you make  decisions about your finances.

Other Services

 May there be a service not listed here, we may be able to help.  We can tailor our services to your personal needs and will always handle your  case with care and confidentiality.


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Send me a message, and tell me more about your financial goals and needs. I will get back to you soon to schedule a consultation.

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